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Night Sesh in Nosara Surf Base Layer For Men

Night Sesh in Nosara Surf Base Layer For Men

$45.00 Regular Price
$38.25Sale Price

Point blank: If you're a surfer, you need these base layers. They are the perfect barrier under your boardshorts & wetsuit to keep you comfortable, supported, and ITCH, RASH, & CHAFE FREE. Don't wear these base layers unless you want supreme comfort and performance all day long in and out of the water.


They're also  transitional piece to help you change discreetly from wetsuit or boardies to bike or car, so you don't feel like you're in your underwear, showing what the good Lord gave ya, you know what I mean?


We created these shorts specifically for surfers, but when our surfjects (our surfer test subjects) tested them out, we discovered that they didn't want to take them off. EVER. They reported that they only get softer with each wash, and can be used for way more than just surfing: working out, brazillian fighting, hanging around the house, going to a BBQ, riding a bike, taking a yoga class.... etc etc


So let's get into the features of what makes our base layers so epic:


  • Ridiculously quick drying 
  • Soft jacquard waistband to prevent irritation
  • Anti-chafe soft seams make the garment seams feel invisible
  •  Ultra flexible 4 way stretch material 
  • Super lightweight in and out of the water
  • Sick tribal designs that stand for, support, & unite the worldwide surf tribe
  • Sweat absorbent & breathable fabric to keep you dry and comfy when it counts
  • Sustainable material to honor Mother O
  • Versatile transitional layer so you can go from surfing to wherever the heck you want without changing
  • Perfect fit
  • Stays in place without gathering, bunching, or crawling up your leg



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